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we see you, sis

What if Black women leaders across the world came together to advocate for ourselves, share our knowledge, and leverage our expertise in communications, mindfulness, business, and philanthropy? 


What if we created spaces to improve our skills and teach each other how to be successful?

What if we came together in person and on-line to focus on our health, education, and culture?

Just imagine, a community that allows you to learn while teaching others what you know best. A place that recognizes and rewards you for all you do.

VISIBILITYMATTERS.US teaches you how to advocate for yourself, grow your platform, and mind your business. 

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Are you ready to learn how to be seen and get paid?


Learn how to negotiate and communicate your worth.


Get the confidence to build your brand, clarify your vision, and promote your business.


Register for an upcoming webinar.


Are you socially committed to advocating for women of color? 


We want to highlight your effort and achievements.


Share your articles, post leadership opportunities, and  give advice. 


Add your learning events to our community calendar. 



Are you helping Black women professionals achieve equal pay?


Promote what you know as a featured podcast guest, blogger, panelist or host a workshop online. 

Contribute to the blog and podcast.


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All Videos

All Videos
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You found your TRIBE! Office Hours a weekly village for Black women professionals

You found your TRIBE! Office Hours a weekly village for Black women professionals

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How to set the right goals to move you forward

How to set the right goals to move you forward

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Hobby or Business? What do you want in 2020?

Hobby or Business? What do you want in 2020?

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From the authors of "Getting Unstuck" and "Side Hustle to Main Hustle," presents its first web-series by Black women professionals, for Black women professionals.

Angel N. Livas and Meredith Moore share unwritten rules in business, career, and relationships to help you live your best life.

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MN Moving Forward (4).jpg

Minnesota Moving Forward

Season 1 (May 2020)

Visibility Matters is proud to present Moving Minnesota Forward. Following the murder of George Floyd, moderator Meredith Leigh Moore creates a safe space for African-American's interested in Black politics - specifically in the Twin Cities to have a platform to share their insights, ideas, and inspirations.

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Getting Unstuck Podcast.png

Getting Unstuck Podcast

Seasons 1-3 (2019-2021)

As women in the workplace, we are told anything is possible—if a woman hasn't done it yet, then we can be the first. But in reality, there are still unwritten rules that make it possible to see the next step but never reach it. Sometimes we become so numb to our problems that we accept them as unchangeable—we get stuck. What if you could change your life, starting with your career?


Mina Moore


 As an artist I have never had the support to put as much time, effort, preparation, organization, or energy into any
performance of my original material. Doing so helped me to understand myself better as an
artist, and as a woman of color.


Rosemond Owens

Global Diversity Advocate

As an entrepreneur, mother and advocate for women of color in Minnesota, I enjoy attending events to grow my network.

I've learned practical skills to plan my career and achieve my financial goals. 

Nneka Constantino photo.jpg

Nneka Constantino

Workshop Facilitator

As a workshop host I've seen the positive impact of having the platform to create spaces to learn, share our talents, and attract talent to join the community. 

It's easier than ever to build your brand and your tribe authentically.

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