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we see you, sis

What if Black women leaders across the world came together to advocate for ourselves, share our knowledge, and leverage our expertise in communications, mindfulness, business, and philanthropy? 


What if we created spaces to improve our skills and teach each other how to be successful?

What if we came together in person and on-line to focus on our health, education, and culture?

Just imagine, a community that allows you to learn while teaching others what you know best. A place that recognizes and rewards you for all you do.

VISIBILITYMATTERS.US teaches you how to advocate for yourself, grow your platform, and mind your business. 

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Are you ready to learn how to be seen and get paid?


Learn how to negotiate and communicate your worth.


Get the confidence to build your brand, clarify your vision, and promote your business.


Register for an upcoming webinar.


Are you socially committed to advocating for women of color? 


We want to highlight your effort and achievements.


Share your articles, post leadership opportunities, and  give advice. 


Add your learning events to our community calendar. 



Are you helping Black women professionals achieve equal pay?


Promote what you know as a featured podcast guest, blogger, panelist or host a workshop online. 

Contribute to the blog and podcast.


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