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Create Opportunity Podcast

Featuring Meredith M. Crosby, Host
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We're looking for guests for our podcast! 

Do you have a leadership perspective that you want to share? Is your entrepreneurship testimony one that needs to reach more women of color? We'd love to feature you on our Create Opportunity Podcast. We're looking for leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers who want to help others by sharing tips to those who may be venturing into the same path. If this sounds like you, then click below and let us know that you're interested! 

Episode Two: Cindy Kent

Join us on our second episode of the Create Opportunity Podcast as we interview Cindy Kent, former President and General Manager of 3M Infection Prevention Division. Listen along as Cindy shares her thoughts on how to advocate for a purpose-filled education and career, how to lead with empathy, compassion and spiritual guidance, the importance of family and self care to build confidence and hear her daily intention and advice for making self-care your first ministry.

Episode One: Cornell Leverette Moore

Join us on our first episode of the Create Opportunity Podcast as we interview Cornell Leverette Moore, Founder of Leverette Weekes. Listen along as Mr. Moore explains his idea of leadership, how opportunities have evolved over the years and what entrepreneurs of today need to know to succeed. 

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