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How Do I Support #CO2020 Events?

From emerging artists to inspiring entrepreneurs, we want to highlight the events showcasing the resiliency and creativity of our culture. CO2020 celebrates events promoting positive images and opportunities for women of color.

Submit your mission-aligned event, and we'll compile the top 3 submitted by the C02020 community to share with you each week. Find collaboration partners, venues and fun activities to connect with your community at

1. Join the mailing list for tickets to #C02020 events and updates from artists to share with your network.

2. Invite your club, Sorority chapter or employee resource network to a night out and support a #CO2020 artist as your next social, gala or corporate event. We'll customize the event for your branding and needs so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

3. Promote your friends and favorite artists on #C02020. Submit events and artists we should know with the important details and our public relations partner Leverette Weekes will follow up if you are selected to be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

Join our empowerment community and connect in person at business networking events hosted by CO2O2O partners. Meet the CO2020 organizers and learn how your project can partner with us!

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